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Meet the Commissioners

Becky Plattner
Monte Fenner

Presiding Commissioner:

Becky Plattner

Southern Commissioner:

Monte Fenner

Stephanie Gooden

Northern Commissioner:

Stephanie Gooden


Monday through Friday

8:30 am to 11:30 am


Saline County Courthouse

19 E. Arrow Street

Room 101

Marshall, MO 65340


(660) 886-7777


(660) 886-3332



The County Commission is made up of three elected officials who serve four year terms.

The County Commission establishes county policy and enacts activities of county government.  The commission supervises the maintenance of county building and grounds, as well as county roads and bridges.  The Commission also approves and adopts the annual budget for all county operations, including actual expenditures for each individual county office.  The County Commission operates under guidelines established in the revised statutes of the State of Missouri, while acting as liaisons with county boards, commissions, and other governmental entities.  


The Saline County Commission meets in regular session every other Wednesday, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  In their absence, messages for the Commission may be left on their answering device or urgent messages may be phoned to the Saline County Clerk's office.

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Report a Road Concern

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County Commissioners Association of Missouri

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Economic Development

 Economic Development Update 11-25-20

In 2018, the Saline County Commission was instrumental in passing a county economic development tax. The main focus of this tax money is development of the junction I-70 & Hwy 65, a major intersection in the United States. Currently, a water line is being instilled to this intersection, a 250,000 gallon water tower has been installed and completed, and a sewer for this region is being developed for installation. Turn lanes from the major roads will be installed as development takes place in this area. Additionally, income from this tax money is also being distributed to the incorporated and unincorporated areas throughout the county. This money can be used to improve their streets, sewers, and other economic improvements in their towns. Saline County is only the second county in the State of Missouri to pass an economic development tax to improve their infrastructures.

For more information and resources, please visit the US Department of the Treasury's website:

Saline County Commission

Stephanie Gooden

Becky Plattner

Monte Fenner

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