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Jamie Franklin Nichols


Monday through Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Saline County Courthouse

19 E. Arrow Street

Room 206

Marshall, MO 65340


(660) 886-2677


(660) 831-0649



Meet the Recorder

"To apply for a marriage license, please call the Recorder's office for an appointment at 660-886-2677"

The Recorder of Deeds office is a County elected position with a four year term.  Jamie Franklin Nichols has served as the Saline County Recorder since 2003.  Other members of the team include: 

Jessica Baker- Chief Deputy, jbaker@salinecountymo.org

Laura Ryan- Deputy, lryan@salinecountymo.org


The primary responsibility of the Recorder of Deeds office is making permanent  records of real estate transactions, Federal and State tax liens, plats & surveys, military discharges and issuing Marriage Licenses.  (See info below)

The Saline County Recorder’s office has available online searching.

Tapestry, for the occasional user, 24 x 7 access is credit card based for payment as you go.

Tapestry: www.landrecords.net  Choose Saline County, MO.


Laredo:  is a monthly subscription option for frequent searching with 24 x 7 access.  To subscribe, contact  MaureenM@Fidlar.com or 563-345-1277  Online records date back to 1985, in office records go back to 1822.  We would be happy to help you anytime at the office with recording, searches, copies, or marriage licenses.


E-Recording is a convenient, fast way to record your important documents. For information on how to E-record in Saline County, please call:



For questions contact the office at 660-886-2677 



- Jamie F. Nichols

Saline County Recorder of Deeds

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Jessica Baker

Chief Deputy

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Laura Ryan