Saline County Elections

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*Your application will be confirmed by mail within seven (7) business days of its receipt by the Election Authority. 

Please contact the Election Authority if you do not receive notification.  MO 231-0169 (Revised 04-07)

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If you are unable to make it to the polls on election day, you can request an absentee ballot

A Letter From The Saline County Clerk



Since taking office as County Clerk over 3 ½ years ago, I have worked diligently and whole-heartedly to find ways to financially justify our retaining all nineteen (19) polling locations in Saline County, while endeavoring to be a good shepherd over your taxpayer dollars.  It has been the goal of our office to provide registered voters the opportunity to cast their ballots as they have been accustomed to doing over the years, making changes only when necessary to uphold compliancy of the law; however, it is now necessary to consolidate some polling places throughout the county because of the continuous overall increased costs for holding elections, the need for new voting equipment, and the ongoing shortage of poll workers.


Effective with the upcoming Primary Election on Tuesday, August 5, 2014, the following voting precincts will be combined:


     EMMA TO SWEET SPRINGS:              I-70 Community Hospital, 105 Hospital Dr., Sweet Springs, MO.

     MT. LEONARD TO BLACKBURN:       Blackburn City Hall, 205 N. Main, Blackburn, MO.

     GRAND PASS TO MALTA BEND:       St. Luke’s United Church of Christ, 2007 Baskins, Malta Bend, MO.

     ARROW ROCK TO HARDEMAN:        Hardeman R-10 School, 21051 Hwy. D, Marshall, MO.

     GILLIAM TO SLATER:                          First United Methodist Church, 314 W. Emma, Slater, MO.

     MARSHALL WARD 1:                           Martin Community Center, 1985 S. Odell Ave. – Room 1, Marshall, MO.

     MARSHALL WARD 2:                          Martin Community Center, 1985 S. Odell Ave. – Room 2, Marshall, MO.

     MARSHALL WARD 3:                          Martin Community Center, 1985 S. Odell Ave. – Room 3, Marshall, MO.

     MARSHALL WARD 4:                          Martin Community Center, 1985 S. Odell Ave. – Room 4, Marshall, MO.


NOTE:  Each Marshall Ward will have a separate room assigned to that Ward for voting purposes and each Marshall Ward will have their own voting machine(s).  There is a cost savings for polling place rent with this move.


New voter registration cards will be mailed within the next two to three weeks to those registered voters involved in all of these changes.   


POLL WORKER TRAINING will be held at the Martin Community Center, 1985 S. Odell Ave., Room 2, Marshall, MO., here forward on the Monday before each upcoming election, from 10:00 a.m. until approximately 12 o’clock noon.


It is with sincere regret the time is here when it is necessary to make these changes due to budgetary and financial reasons.  I wish to thank each entity who has allowed us to use their location as a polling precinct and to every individual who has served in any way to help provide Saline County with a fair, secure and honorable election process.  We owe you the highest form of gratitude for your service to the county and helping our county preserve our civil right to vote.  

Debbie Russell

Saline County Clerk

More more information on elections and voting, visit the State of Missouri's website