​A B O U T    S A L I N E   C O U N T Y,  M I S S O U R I

Photo by Eric Crump, Marshall Democrat-News

Saline County

The present-day Saline County Courthouse structure was built in 1882.  It is located in the central square in the county seat of Marshall, MO.  Many of the original courthouse furnishings remain in use today.  The Recorder of Deeds has a beautiful oak desk that accommodates all three Commissioners.  There are wood and wrought-iron benches in the court room that are original to the building.  

Several updates and repairs have been made to the courthouse, but a major $3 million restoration took place, paid for by a sales tax to be used specifically for this purpose. The tax proposal passed in 2008 and surface preparation work began in April 2009 and the majority of the work was finished late in the summer of 2010. 

Located on the dome of the courthouse is a lighted flag that was installed about 1917. This flag was refurbished in 2004 by the UDC.  We are aware of only one other "lighted flag" in the country on a courthouse, in Nicholas County, Carlisle, KY.  

The courthouse square is the location of many county-wide events and Veteran recognition ceremonies during the year.  

The citizens of Saline County are rightfully proud of their county seat of government structure.  It is a beautiful building on an impressive setting in the town square.  


Our History

Saline County was formed by European-American settlers on November 25, 1820, and was named after the salt mines found in the region. Historically, Saline County was occupied for thousands of years by succeeding cultures of Missouri Native Americans. They were relocated to reservations following European-American settlement.