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Karlin Breshears

Karlin Breshears


Monday through Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Saline County Courthouse

19 E. Arrow Street

Room 105

Marshall, MO 65340


(660) 886-8582


Meet the Auditor

The auditor is responsible for establishing and monitoring the accounting and budgeting systems of Saline County.  She is responsible for preparing the County's financial statements and works with the outside auditors on the annual financial audit.   


The County Auditor also monitors compliance with state statutes relative to contracts, bidding and purchasing.  She establishes and monitors internal control procedures, reviews accounts payable activity, monitors and evaluates the condition of the county budget and funds, and certifies contracts and expenditures.  The Saline County Auditor also maintains property records and conducts physical asset inventories.  


The auditor keeps accounts of all appropriations and expenditures made by the County Commission; and no warrant shall be drawn or obligations incurred without his/her certification that an encumbered balance, sufficient to pay against which such warrant or obligation is to be charged. 


The auditor audits and examines all accounts, demands, and claims presented for payment against the county, and approves to the County Commission all lawful, true, and just accounts, payable out of the county revenue or out of any county funds before the same is allowed a warrant issued therefore. 


The auditor keeps a correct account between the county and all county offices; and the auditor examines all records and settlements made by them for and with County Commission or with each other; and the auditor has, at all reasonable times, access to all books, county records, or papers kept by any county officer, or employee.  


The auditor's office performs numerous functions to ensure your tax dollars are being spent prudently and for the purposes for which they are intended. 


It is the mission of the auditor's office to ensure that your hard-earned tax dollars are not wasted, but are used to make Saline County one of the best places to live and work in Missouri.  We work diligently toward that goal.  


  • Maintains the general ledger for all funds.

  • Estimates anticipated revenues and expenditures for proposed budget. 

  • Acknowledges availability of funds for purchase requisitions.  

  • Prepare monthly expenditure reports.

  • Prepare yearly financial statements. 

  • Audits special funds held by officeholders. 


The Saline County Auditor's office has an open door policy.  All are welcome with questions and concerns at anytime. 

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