Saline County, Missouri, Emergency Management Agency

MISSION:  The Saline County Emergency Management Agency’s mission is to protect the lives and property of all Saline County residents when disasters threaten public safety due to either natural disasters (snow and or ice storms, tornadoes, floods, or any severe weather event) or man-made disasters (hazardous materials accident, radiological hazard, or active shooter event).


The Saline County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for developing and updating annually a Saline County Emergency Operation Plan which lays a framework that will allow Saline County to save lives, minimize injuries, protect property and the environment, preserve functioning civil government, and maintain economic activities essential to the survival and recovery from natural and man-made disasters. This plan was developed through the collaborative efforts of the Saline County Emergency Management Agency, other governmental and private entities throughout Saline County.


The Saline County Emergency Management Agency is a division of the Saline County Sheriff’s Department and is housed at the Saline County Emergency Management Department, 153 S. Odell, Marshall, Mo., 65340.


Contact Info: 

Saline County Emergency Management Director

Saline County Emergency Management, 153 S. Odell,Marshall, Mo. 65340

(660) 886-5511 (office)

E911 for emergency notification

(660) 229-2081 (cell)


Tony Day 

Saline County Emergency Management Director,

Office: 660-236-1955 or 660-229-2081

Emergency Plans and Documents

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Saline County's 

Emergency Operations Plan


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