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2019 Statewide Preservation Honor Awards


County Population:  23,370

County Seat:  Marshall

Date Founded:  November 25, 1820

Named For:  The salt springs in the region.

Largest City:  Marshall

From the Commissioner's Office:

From the Recorder's Office:

"To apply for a marriage license, please call the Recorder's Office for an appointment at 660-886-2677"

From the Emergency Management's Office:

With the new year comes new Officer Holders and Personnel - We are currently updating our web site so please check back while we collect new data and update our site!  Thank you for your patience! 

Saline County's Emergency Management has a new web page

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Emergency Operations Plan Click Here!

From the Treasurer's Office:

Sale Tax Report Updated: 7/12/2021

NOTICE:  The NEW 2020 Plat Books are HERE - They can be purchased in the Treasurer's office or the Collector's office.  They are $35.00 each.  We current have both with and without the E911 Addresses. We also have the 2015 Plat Books on sale for $5.00 each.  Additional postage charges will apply if mailed to you!

From the Clerk's Office:

November 3, 2020 Unofficial Election Results - Click Here!

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Missouri Voter Registration Application

Your application will be confirmed by mail within seven (7) business days of its receipt by the Election Authority. 

Please contact the Election Authority if you do not receive notification.  MO 231-0169 (Revised 04-07) 

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From the Collector's Office:

From the Assessor's Office:

The Assessor's GIS DATA

is now available to the public online!

Stop by the Assessor's Office at the Saline County Courthouse,

Room 203 or Call 660.886.3111 for more information!

$50.00 a month or $500.00 a year!

July 1st press release for assessment valuation appeal process

This is a list of the value change notices that were returned to the Assessor's office. Please check to see if your name is on it and if so, please call the Assessor's office at 660-886-4380 to update your mailing address.

Updated: 7/8/21

The Saline County Sheriff's Dept. is looking for a full-time jailer. To apply, please go to indeed.com or submit an application in person at 1915 W. Arrow Street in Marshall.


19 East Arrow 

Marshall, MO 65340    

Tel: 660-886-7777 

Fax: 660-886-2603    



9 E. North Street

Marshall, MO 65340    

Tel: 660-886-3331 or 660-886-9050

Fax: 660-886-2603    



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        Economic Development Update 11-25-20

In 2018, the Saline County Commission was instrumental in passing a county economic development tax. The main focus of this tax money is development of the junction I-70 & Hwy 65, a major intersection in the United States. Currently, a water line is being instilled to this intersection, a 250,000 gallon water tower has been installed and completed, and a sewer for this region is being developed for installation. Turn lanes from the major roads will be installed as development takes place in this area. Additionally, income from this tax money is also being distributed to the incorporated and unincorporated areas throughout the county. This money can be used to improve their streets, sewers, and other economic improvements in their towns. Saline County is only the second county in the State of Missouri to pass an economic development tax to improve their infrastructures.